Bastien Aubry

+41 31 848 38 48

FLAG is a two-man design studio based in Zurich, composed of Bastien Aubry (*1974) and Dimitri Broquard (*1969). Having worked together since 2002, these two friends are graphic designers and illustrators. Like many young design studios in Zurich, FLAG focuses primarily on cultural and art-based projects, producing mainly monographs, posters, and magazines. They are distinguished by their casually rigorous blend of hand-drawn elements and nofuss typography. Their post-punk scrawls, rooted in obvious draftsmanship but unleashed by the example of Gary Panter, have become the dominant drawn language of the day. Aubry and Broquard recognize the visual language of internet culture and have adapted its low-res images and limited typographic options to the printed page, creating a kind of feedback loop of information design, from page to screen to page again.